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Love Story’s End is an American rock band from singer/songwriter Clint Hagler. Fusing melodic hooks and hardcore grit, Love Story’s End delivers a performance packed with guitar-driven fury. Live sets include plenty of action and fan-favorite songs from albums “Biloxi War Tribe” and “Death Doesn’t Deserve Me.” Having shared the stage with acts like P.O.D., Framing Hanley, Soulfly, 10 Years, Atomship, Incite, Staind and more, Love Story’s End rounds out each set with their own brand of anthemic metal songs. With an array of influences encompassing all forms of the rock genre, Love Story’s End is building a diverse catalog of material. As heavy as the full band can be, Hagler also manages to perform the occasional solo/acoustic event where songwriting takes centerstage. Outside of the rare acoustic appearance, you’ll find the full band showcasing their crowd-pleasing heavy tracks like “Guilt Is a Reigning Future” and “Fall to Darkness.” Love Story’s End creates a unique sonic environment for their shows with the classic drum, bass, and guitar venture. Lyrical content and melody fill the heart of each song, adding Hagler’s guttural rock scream to compliment the most chaotic moments. Whether performing a cleverly twisted ballad or one of their menacing juggernauts, Love Story’s End leaves it all on the stage.


From the underbelly of a bustling, pre-hurricane Katrina, beach town, Love Story’s End emerged amidst the Gulf Coast punk scene. By 2006, with a profusion of original songs and shows under their belt, vocalist/guitarist Clint Hagler arranged a 10 track demo titled “Biloxi War Tribe” with a local in-demand producer. The demo would help solidify the band as a staple in the region’s underground rock scene. Love Story’s End’s first official album made it’s debut in 2011. Concept record “Death Doesn’t Deserve Me” would feature 12 new tracks with the song titles forming a poem when read sequentially. As an illustrator and graphic artist, Hagler went on to expand the imagery and themes of “Death Doesn’t Deserve Me” in the form of a graphic novel. The polished recordings landed the band solid reviews and an opening slot on a date of the Rockstar Uproar Tour. A 2013 reimagining of 90’s hit “Nothing Compares 2 U” would follow. Focusing resources on live performances, Love Story’s End has teamed with many regional acts to tour and reach audiences across the United States. "My Mind Has Wings" is the latest single release. Hagler is currently prepping future releases with plans to take the new songs to the stage. Love Story's End music is available through War Tribe Records and major digital platforms including Spotify, Apple, Google Play, and Amazon. Stay up-to-date with the band on social media by following @LoveStorysEnd.


Nothing Compares 2 U Death Doesn't Deserve Me 


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