Love Story’s End is an American rock band from musician/artist Clint Hagler. Fusing melodic hooks and hardcore grit, Love Story’s End delivers a performance packed with guitar-driven fury. Having shared the stage with acts like Soulfly, 10 Years, P.O.D., Incite, Framing Hanley, and more, Love Story’s End rounds out each set with their own brand of anthemic metal songs. Lyrical content and melody fill the heart of each song, adding Hagler’s guttural rock scream to compliment the most chaotic moments. Whether performing a cleverly twisted ballad or menacing juggernaut, Love Story’s End leaves it all on the stage.
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Project Nine formed in 2014 on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and quickly became one of the region's standout rock acts, appearing all over the coast at festivals and special events, performing with major touring acts, and blasting into every rock venue in the area. The initial release of the single "Should Have Known" garnered international streaming radio play, significant regional terrestrial airplay, and put the band on the national scene and into venues across the US from Florida to California. The band's goal is simply to carry on the spirit of rock and roll for everyone they come across. Nothing is off limits, as long as it creates that authentic magic that only music can bring us.
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Year of the Vulture is a razor sharp, doom-infused, intellectual headtrip from Hattiesburg, MS. Going straight for the throat, the two-piece drum and bass combo offers up ground shaking grooves and dissonant riffs reaching all extremes of the spectrum to evolve the place of artists within the metal genre. The crushing, brutal intensity of their live performances creates a powerful shared feeling with the audience, while poetic lyrics delivered with frontman Alfred Jordan’s authoritative vocal stylings finds beauty among the chaos. The power-duo's unique sound is completed with inimitable percussion from impassioned drummer Nathaniel Red. Their combination of jaw dropping musical prowess and heartfelt playing styles take their live performances to heights rarely seen these days.
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